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MSNC Weight Loss Program

Introducing a weight loss system that provides healthy and realistic weight loss results.

NO Gadjets, Gimmicks or Side Effects!

This is an amazingly safe and effective Doctor supervised weight loss method that offers individuals a life changing program. Not only will you lose weight, but our dieters have seen improvement in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. We focus on burning toxic fat without losing muscle mass. We expect to dramatically and genuinely improve the health of our dieters.

Weight Loss Program Madison

No Heavy Exercise

No Gimmicks

No Side Effects

No Hormones

No Packaged Food

All Natural, Liquid Herbal Blends

Designed To Burn Irregular Toxic Fats, While Preserving The Lean Muscle Tissue Of The Body

Nutritional Counseling on Achieving and Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle

Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Weight Loss Race!

Gradual weight loss does not reduce the amount or rate of weight regain compared with losing weight quickly, new research led by the University Of Melbourne in collaboration with La Trobe University has found.

Published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, the study examined whether losing weight at a slow initial rate, as recommended by current dietary guidelines worldwide, resulted in larger long-term weight reduction and less weight regain in obese individuals, than losing weight at a faster rate.

The researchers found that the initial rate of weight loss did not affect the amount or rate of weight regain: with similar amounts of weight regained by 3 years by participants on both diet programs, who completed both phases of the study. Also results show that an obese person is more likely to achieve a weight loss target of 12.5 percent weight loss, and less likely to drop out of their weight loss program, if losing weight is done quickly.

Madison Weight Loss Help

Losin’ Weight - Feelin’ Great!

The Average weight loss in our clinician supervised program was 27lbs in 40 days…healthy, sustainable weight loss while eating real whole foods!

If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds quickly, easily, and safely this program will be a perfect fit for you. Call our team today at MSNC and schedule a visit to speak with the Doctor about our supervised weight loss program. You have nothing to lose…but weight!

MSNC Special Offer

Make your weight loss dreams true!

No Obligation Consultation

Schedule an appointment today for a No Charge No Obligation Consultation with the doctor.

*Due to federal law, some restrictions apply to offer. Medicare rules apply.

"Feel great with more energy!"

Back Pain Patient

I started the MSNC Weight Loss Plan Memorial Day weekend and have lost 25 lbs so far.

I feel great and have more energy and a lot less joint pain. I have never lost this much weight on a diet in so short a time without ever feeling hungry.

With the support and motivation of Dr. Sekanick and the recipes and tips that accompany the plan, I am looking forward to continued weight loss success.

Pam K. - 07/02/2014

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